Dawn Chorus

This one I’m naming “Dawn Chorus”.  Lately, I’ve had trouble falling back asleep after Jules’s night feeding. So, for better or worse, I’ve decided to just stay up and do some uninterrupted sewing between 4:30-7:30am. That’s how the dress came to be. In the process, it has helped shift my thoughts from the COVID-19 pandemic and dark situation we’re all in. Starting the day with the rising sun and the sweet sound of early birds has reminded me that, despite everything, spring is here and with it, the aspiration for brighter and better days. I hope you all are staying safe and healthy.

The Pattern

During these “Shelter-in-place” times, Lune by French Poetry has brought a little elegance to my indoor life. With its fitted empire waist, inverted V cut and dramatic maxi length, this dress errs on the “#sewfrosting” side. But, as I’m not leaving the house much, this beautiful dress is confined to a domestic environment for now. It’s certainly infused some glamor into doing the laundry 😉

The Fabric

This polyester crepe by Mood has quite a bit of stretch (20% stretch through the weft and 15% stretch through the warp) and a nice, drapey medium weight. It’s easy to work with and it holds up very well in the critical areas, such as the junction of the top of the skirt and the neckline. I like how the complex floral print is subdued somewhat by the two-tone scheme. And the color reminds me of my morning coffee, which I have been drinking way too much of since doing this early bird sewing!

The Sizing & Modifications

  •  I cut a size 36.
  • I lifted the shoulder seam by 1 inch.
  • I took in 1 inch at the armhole.
  • I shortened the skit by about 5 inches.
  • I also got rid of the front center seam, cutting the skirt on the fold instead.
  • Lastly, I modified the sleeve by adding more volume and a cuff. 

3 thoughts on “Dawn Chorus

  1. It looks wonderful! I love the sleeves, I think you have done an amazing job giving them more volume!!! Also the buttons are nice as well! Great job!
    My best wishes for you and your family during this time, be safe!


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