Axis Dress in Black Denim

I received some beautiful black denim from Minerva in exchange of a future blog post on their website. It won’t be live for another few weeks so I’m sharing a few details and pictures today of what I made this fabric!

  • Pattern: Axis Dress by Papercut Patterns
  • Fabric: Black Denim by Minerva
  • Sizing:  The construction of this dress is clever and pretty quick to sew. In terms of fit, I cut a size 3. I am especially happy with how the bodice fit. I love the gorgeous straight neckline and, of course, those versatile ties which can be wrapped around at the front, or tied at the back to form a plunging back. The fit of the skirt could benefit from taking the sides in a little bit, mainly due to the medium weight stretchy black denim I worked with. With this material, I think a slightly more figure-hugging silhouette would work better.

The neutral colours in my wardrobe have been quite soothing lately. This is probably influenced by the time of the year, filled with gray skies, snowy landscapes and early darkness. Also, being a new mother, I appreciate all the tricks that can save me some precious time, such as not having to think too deeply about matching bold colours when getting dressed in the morning 🙂 Finally, our baby is currently responding best to all things black and white, so I might as well embrace this neutral phase!

Here are a few pictures:

With the denim leftovers, I made a matching blazer for my son, Jules. I used the Baby Blazer Free Pattern by Shwin & Shwin which is available to download along with all the instructions on their website. It was a fun little project that took me an afternoon to make (interrupted by a few baby care/feedings). He’ll probably have outgrown it by this time tomorrow, but I’m happy I got to use some fabric leftovers for this “maman and me outfits” moment

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