Iris Top

I’m excited to share one of my latest makes: the Iris Top. It is one of two tops released by Fresh Press Patterns for the Spring. I discovered Fresh Press Patterns on Instagram via @springatet who made the beautiful FPP’s Willow Top with lovely ruffle sleeves. So when Joanna from FPP sent me a lovely email asking if I would like to make one of her tops from her spring collection, I immediately said yes! After debating for a little while on which one to make (both tops are super cute) I went for the Iris.

The Iris Top has some interesting features: The back is longer than the front. It has open sides and the side seams overlap each other. These unusual side seams made the sewing construction a little different to what I’m used to, which I really enjoyed. Joanna from Fresh Press Patterns wrote the instructions with a Ready To Wear sewing process in mind so the assembly order slightly differs from home sewing patterns.

It’s a rather quick sew with very few pieces but the sewing order being slightly different than what I’m used to, I first read carefully the entire instructions to familiarize myself with each step before I even started to sew.

I cut a size XS. The open sides make it easy-to-wear and comfy but not too loose. Being shorter (5’1″) than what the pattern has been drafted for (5’4″ to 5’6″), I was wondering if it would end up looking too long on me but I decided not to make any length adjustment and I’m happy with where it falls.

The Iris also has some pretty cuffed short sleeves. Joanna shares in the instructions how to make them the “easy way”. And it was indeed easy. I think they might have been the fastest sleeve cuffs I made!

Another thing about making the Iris is that it requires a lot of bias tape. I rarely use bias tape, I usually prefer the look of facings. But after having sewn the Iris and used bias tape to finish the neckline, the hemline, and the open side seams, I have to admit that I really love the clean finish of it. I cut about 7 strips using the neck bias pattern piece.

For the fabric, I used a printed Cotton Crepe that I had in my stash. It’s thin and lightweight and I love the black and white paint rolled effect. The Iris is a great addition to my spring wardrobe. I’m flying back to France to see my family & friends in May and the Iris is coming with me for sure. I’m even thinking about sewing another one. Perhaps in linen or in tencil denim with leftovers I have from making my Culotte Jumpsuit

Now some pictures:

Thanks for looking!

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