Custom Clothing Inquiries & Collaborations

Limited Edition clothing and accessories handmade with repurposed textiles and eco-friendly original prints.

Featured: my beautiful friend Amandine wearing her custom dress made in a gorgeous 1960’s cotton lawn.

Interested in a custom made one-of-a-kind garment? Have a dress design idea in mind or would like a dress designed for you? Let’s chat!

Each Zoubi Zoubisou garment and accessory is unique, handmade just for you using either vintage fabric that I source at estate sales or exclusive prints that I design and have digitally printed on high quality fabrics.

  •  I source and repurpose existing high-quality textiles, which saves them from the landfill and prolongs their lifecycles. These fabrics are like snapshots in time, some dating back 60+ years and living on in the form of a Zoubi Zoubisou item.
  • I also design exclusive prints and have them digitally printed on high quality fabrics. This is done in small batches to minimize waste, using only eco-friendly non-toxic inks.
  • I hand-make each Zoubi Zoubisou garment with the goal that it lasts many, many years. Ultimately, I hope that one day it too is passed on and repurposed by a future generation.

Gift Certificate towards Custom Clothing are available here

To get in touch: please send me an email at