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Hey. I’m Emmanuelle.

I’m a French seamstress currently living in Madison, Wisconsin with my husband Matthew and our dog Garçon. I started sewing a few years ago after finding a particularly compelling vintage pattern at a Vancouver, Canada thrift shop (my old hometown). I sewed that dress, and every one since, with the help of the online sewing community, a remarkable group of people who selflessly share their knowledge expertise with the whole world. I am extremely thankful.

Sewing my handmade wardrobe has positively impacted my life. Beyond improving the contents of my closet, it has introduced me to the Slow Fashion Movement and has improved my own body positivity. It has also made me feel apart of a worldwide community. By documenting my sewing escapades, I hope to contribute something to that community and maybe even inspire the odd person to dig the sewing machine outta the basement.

When not at the sewing machine, I can be found rewatching Wes Anderson films, taking in local rock ‘n’ roll shows, or perusing area shops in search of interesting fabrics.

Wanna chat sewing, music, or the finer details of The Royal Tenebaums? Get in touch!

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