Nicks Dress

Last month, I decided to sew a holiday dress for myself, and I even finished it on time (woot!). Unfortunately, the holiday turned out to be much more sweatpants-appropriate (trying to keep up with the kids during the day and eating all the comfort food at night after putting the kids to bed). So I never got to wear the dress, but I’m looking forward to it in 2023 (and not just for documenting its making).

View A of the Nicks Dress by Closet Core Patterns is worth checking out if you like long skirts and lots of gathering like me! A soft boho-chic silhouette with an elastic waist makes this dress easy to wear and comfortable. As usual with Closet Core, beauty is in the details. The slightly gathered shoulder and the lovely yoke enrich the design and make it ideal for playing with colours and fabrics. I cut a size four and shortened the skirt by a few inches to fit my short legs better. *Note for my future Nicks: Shorten the bodice too, as this version doesn’t fit me quite right. 

The coolest thing about making my Nicks is that no hemming was required! This is because I used lace for the skirt’s bottom tier and embroidered voile with a scalloped selvage for the sleeves. Initially, the embroidered voile, the floral lace, and the solid linen were leftover fabrics from three previous projects (this green embroidered Jenna, this white floral Kimberly, and this beige hacked Elodie). The fabrics aren’t obvious matches at first glance but I achieved a more blended effect with a bit of dye. My dyeing pot was a bit small to stir large pieces so the result isn’t uniform, but it gives the grays more depth and the greens more variation. This dress perfectly encapsulates my winter blues. I lined the bodice’s front and the skirt’s top tier with some of the dyed linen. Here are some pictures: