Wilder Gown

Wow, first blog post in over 3 months! Time flies… My blog hiatus has not equated to a me-made garment hiatus, however. I’ve hacked the Samantha dress, I made a Jenna dress which will be on Minerva Crafts later this summer, and I sewed a linen Charlie caftan which I absolutely love.

But today, I’m back on the blog to share a cute mini gown named “Wilder” that I just finished. The Wilder Gown is the new pattern by Friday Pattern Company. It’s a loose, flowy dress with raglan sleeves and it ties up at the neckline. And in my case, it makes for a perfect summer maternity dress.

Of the different versions, I chose the short sleeve + one skirt tier one. My only modification was adding a little length at the center front of the skirt to accommodate my growing bump. That way the skirt doesn’t look shorter at the front than at the back! (I’m starting to learn about all these pregnancy sewing tricks.)

I used some denim Tencel fabric left over from a previous project. I barely had enough to make the Wilder, so I used the selvage for the skirt hem. And to match the visible selvage, I used white cotton fabric for the tie and white thread for topstitching at the neckline and sleeve hem, which adds some contrast. I really like how it all came together.

Wilder was a quick and satisfying sewing project. Here are some pictures:







Thanks for looking!


3 thoughts on “Wilder Gown

  1. So pretty. And congratulations on your pregnancy. I remember when you posted a while ago when you had a health scare and I was so sad for you. This is beautiful news for you and your family xx


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