Gold Jackie Knit Dress

I started this Jackie Dress way back in December, but with holiday travels, my mom visiting from France, and several time-sensitive orders (including a very special wedding dress – pics soon!), I’ve only just finished it. And here I thought it would make the perfect holiday outfit… Maybe next year!

This was my first time sewing with Victory Patterns and I really enjoyed following their detailed instructions. Based on my measurements, I initially cut a size 4 but I probably should have sized it down as I ended up removing quite a bit all over the bodice to make it snugger. I also shortened the back bodice and the sleeves. For the skirt, I kept the original length of Version 2 which is supposed to fall just below the knee. Being quite short (5’1), the dress looks more midi on me, which is what I intended!

I find the beautiful lines of this dress to be quite flattering and I love its high neckline. After reading other sewists’ experience with the neckline, I was expecting it to be tight but it actually worked for me and I haven’t had to adjust it.

Despite the snug fit, the Jackie is super comfy! Part of that is due to the soft, lightweight gold knit. And although it’s a bit transparent, the dress is still very appropriate to wear. I just need to avoid standing in a strong backlight 🙂

And now some pictures:






Thanks for looking!



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