Kimberly Dress

Athina just released a new dress pattern, the Kimberly, and I’ve been lucky to be able to test it for her. The Kimberly has a beautiful, classic silhouette with a half circle skirt, a soft V-neck and optional long sleeves and pockets. This was the first time sewing this style of garment since my wedding dress 3 years ago and I had forgotten how much I love circle skirts (or half circle skirts in the case of the Kimberly dress). The Kimberly has a panel at the bottom which begs for a contrasting colour. Which is what I did.

I used a floral lace which I lined with a blue crepe and I used a navy peach skin for the bottom panel and the belt. All 3 fabrics I had in my stash. Just not enough of each to make an entire dress of so I’m happy they worked together!

I cut a size 8 and shortened the bodice by half an inch at the front. Overall I could probably take it in a bit more at the sides, as I like a more fitted bodice. Also, the sleeves are quite roomy which is a great thing to be able to adjust them depending on the type of fabric and personal preferences. If I had used a flannel, I would probably leave them as is. But because I used lace, I will take the sleeves in a little bit too. I think that it will visually improve the dress (and me in it 😜)

I enjoyed making the Kimberly very much! As usual, Athina’s instructions were comprehensive and easy to follow. I’m amazed with Athina’s work ethic. She’s released a bunch of great patterns recently and she’s continually creating excellent new content and tutorials for our community! I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

As for the Kimberly, I’m excited to wear it this holiday season. Actually starting today, but only after I’m done preparing our beauty Thanksgiving dinner. Wouldn’t want cranberry sauce ruining this lovely lace so early in the season 😉

Happy Thanksgiving!







3 thoughts on “Kimberly Dress

  1. What a lovely dress! I love the combination of the white floral lace and the gorgeous blue crepe! You did a beautiful job and I’m hopping over to look at the pattern right now!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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