Awesome Shoot with Crimson Sun Studios

What’s your most used sewing-related accessory that’s actually a non-sewing accessory? Mine is a camera remote! After all, one needs pics to share their makes. And it comes to a point when you don’t want to keep bothering your significant other, friend or family member to take the pictures. That’s when the remote comes to play. I’ve been using it in most of my pictures and I’ve gotten pretty good at hiding it behind my back, in my hair or inside a pocket.

That is to say, for the most part, I take my own pictures. But last month I was fortunate to do a shoot of some of my makes with pro photographer, Kyle Wege of Crimson Sun Studios.

It was awesome! I’m usually awkward when I get my photo taken (another reason why it’s usually just me and the remote), but Kyle and his friend AJ Greisen made me feel very comfortable and I really enjoyed the experience. We shot two of my garments: one of my favourite sundress  and this bold, colourful jumpsuit that I recently blogged about. I was also wearing little chiffon neckerchiefs that I designed the fabrics for. It was about 100 degrees F that afternoon and I was sweating profusely after just 5 min outside. But Kyle worked his editing magic and turned the sweat into a pretty glow!

Here are some of Kyle’s beautiful pictures:















Thanks Crimson Sun Studios for such a great experience! Won’t be easy transitioning back to just me and my remote 🙂


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