Sun Dress

A quick post for a quick summer make. It’s our first summer in the Midwest, and it’s been very warm. I am definitely not used to these high temperatures, so I’ve been adjusting my wardrobe to include more lightweight and breathable pieces.

One example is this striped dress in a very lightweight cotton. It was quick to make and I’ve been wearing it a lot, which means a high wearing:sewing time ratio!

I used the bodice of True Bias’ Ogden Cami as a base which I extended to a mid-thigh length. For the bottom, I added a gathered rectangle piece of about 1.5-times the width of the dress. To make the bow tie straps, I simply cut 2 extra straps of the Ogden Cami. I also added a small belt; it looks great, but going sans-belt is definitely the better strategy for the warmest days.

Here are some pictures:









Thanks for looking!


3 thoughts on “Sun Dress

  1. Oh the shape without the belt is really lovely and it’s making me feel cooler just looking at it.


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