Mini Dress

We’re finally settled into our new home here in Madison, and I’m so happy to get back to sewing. My most recent make is a cute “mini dress” from BurdaStyle magazine. It has a teardrop shape at the neckline, a contrast yoke and my favorite design element: pockets with accent bands.


What’s great about this pattern (other than the obvious 1960s style) is how little fabric was required to make the dress. For the skirt, second half of the bodice and sleeves, I was finally able to use that 1.5 meter of colorful lightweight cotton found at a textile recycle sale last year. And as for the yoke and accent bands, I used the leftovers of a navy polyester crepe that I had in my stash.

The relaxed fit and the lightweight cotton make this mini dress very comfy. BurdaStyle calls this dress a “Mini”, there are many types of minis. If we’re splitting hairs, I’d classify this one as a “spring ’65” mini on me; above the kneecap, but not quite the thigh-high “summer ’65” mini that characterized Swinging London.

Here are some pictures:



Thanks for looking!

9 thoughts on “Mini Dress

  1. Ooh, I love this! It was one of the (many, many) patterns I bookmarked from the September issue. But I honestly can’t imagine it being done any more perfectly than this! Great fabric choice. Well done!

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