Tilly and the Buttons’ Cleo

I finally have a Cleo in my life! The pattern had been sitting on my shelf since November, but I told myself I had to complete all current projects before opening the Tilly envelope. This was difficult, especially with so many gorgeous Cleos continually popping up on Instagram. But at long last, I did it! A bit late to the party perhaps, but here I am!


I chose to do the mini pinafore with button fastenings, and I used a cotton twill for the fabric.

I cut a size 2. My only alteration was to eliminate the middle seam on the front and back, which I did by cutting the pieces on a fold.

I really enjoyed sewing Cleo and I’m happy with how versatile the garment is. This was my first Cleo, but it  won’t be my last!







Thanks for looking!

9 thoughts on “Tilly and the Buttons’ Cleo

  1. Indeed. Been watching Villa matches at Lucky since the new year (was split between Lucky and Fado for most of the early season). You wouldn’t have happened to be among the Arsenal supporters in the back room Sunday, would you have?


  2. Thanks for posting this (albeit 5 years ago)… I love what you did and especially your suggestion to cut the front and back pieces on the fold to eliminate the centre front/back seams (I’m about to make my third Cleo soon)…it would never have occurred to me to do it that way!


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