Sweetheart Bustier And Circle Skirt

Here’s a little project that I’m especially happy with because of all the “first time” elements it involved: First time sewing a circle skirt, draping a bodice, and making a bustier (to name a few)!

The skirt: I made it with the help of Gertie’s New Book For Better Sewing. It was my Labour Day weekend project and I have worn it numerous times since then. I loved working with this chambray, but it wrinkles very easily (which you’ll see in the pictures). The length of the skirt is great for this time of year in Vancouver, and I’ve been matching it up with all sorts of tops. And of course, it easily coverts into a special occasion garment: just add a petticoat, and away you go!

The bustier: I made this with the help of some online tutorials on how to drape a bodice (btw, this one is very good!). I had some chambray left from the skirt so I decided to try making a bustier to match my favourite skirt of the season. Oh, and I used Rigilene for the boning. Another one of these “first time” things!

bustier circle skirt









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